Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today's Eats - 12/08/09

Midnight Binging: Cheetos - 6 P's
Apple Cake - 6 P's
Dippsie Doodles 3 P's
Chips- 3 p's

Brunch: Cracker Barrel
2 Turkey Sausage patties - 4 P's
2 Egg Beaters - 4 P's
2 slices of tomato (so good!) - O P's
2 slices of wheat toast 2 P's
2 packets of jelly - 2 P's (what a waste of points)

Snack: WW Ice Cream Pop - 2 P's

Dinner: 1 slice of bread - 2 P's
2 small slices of an eye of round roast - 2 P's
1/4 cup of gravy 1 P
1 slice of homemade bread w/ spray butter - 2 P's

Snack: cheese - 2 P's

Total Points - 41 P's

1 comment:

  1. Honey, where are your fruits and veggies??? I understand the binge thing, I do it too. But you need to get fruits and veggies in your meals.
    Look at today's dinner. A little meat, some gravy and bread. Fill that up with roughage (my mom's word!) and make it last. Salad? Broccolli? Orange? Apple? I have found that I can get the steamfresh veggies really cheap when I combine sales and coupons. Yesterday, they were on sale at Martins/GiantPA for $1, and I had 40 cents off coupons that doubles. For 20 cents, I get a ton of broccolli to smother my potato.
    I also pick up frozen strawberries when they are cheap and make smoothies in the blender with nothing more than frozen fruit, water to thin it out and fake sugar. Drinking my fruit.
    I enjoy following you on your other blog, you look fantastic! Keep up the good work.