Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today's Eats - 12/15/09

As you can tell the last couple days have been crazy. Craziness brings back all of those bad habits. I need to get thing back to normal.

Breakfast: Cracker Barrel - 2 egg beaters, 2 turkey sausage patties, 2 tomato slices and 2 slices of wheat toast w/2 packets of sugar free jelly.

Lunch - Wendy's - Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and 1 nugget

Snack - 2 and 1/2 packages of tasty cakes - another one of those major weaknesses. If they are in the house I have to eat them until the whole box is gone. I told my husband not to buy them but he didn't listen.

Dinner - Pretzel twists with Mustard, 1 double cheeseburger and 10 fries.

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